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Wheel Aligner - V2100
Wheel Aligner - V2100
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Wheel Aligner ( Mesin Spooring / Mask Aligner )

Next generation user interface with intelligent, predictive alignment flow:
• Quick access to vehicle history from the home screen
• All new graphic display optimized for maximum clarity and visibility
Video speed cameras constantly monitor the alignment and provide critical information to get the job done right :
• Detection of common environmental conditions and vehicle problems that result in maladjustment
Patented VODI™ (Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator) guides the technician through the measuring process, reducing the amount of time spent walking back and forth from the vehicle to the aligner
Patented EZ-TOE - turn the front wheels and access difficult adjustment points while still displaying centeredtoe readings
Passive front nad rear targets improve durability with no electronics to damage
Two or four wheel alignment capability
Online connectivity automatically downloads specification and software updates
• Requires customer provided internet connection
• One year of specifications provided
• Single updates and 1-5 year subscriptions are available for purchase

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