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Mesin Balancing B9110
Mesin Balancing B9110
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- Simply start meansuring run by closing wheel guard or pressing start key.
- Hidden weight mode (HSP).
- Weight tray with 10 weight compartments.
- Motor drive with V-belt for constant rotational speed during meansuring run.
- Weight minimisation.
- Compact foot print occupying minimum flor space.
- In ALU odes accurate location of weight position inside the rim with the gauge arm available with B9110 model only.
- Optional accesory: motorcycle adaptor (EAK0221J86A)

Equipment Specifications
 Display LED, Normal read-out, left and right, parameter indicators
 Resolution 1g
 Measuring Speed 200 rpm
 Measuring Time 6 -10 s
 Rim Width (Dynamic Balancing) 1" - 16" (3" - 16")
 Maximum Wheel Width 500 mm (400 mm with wheel guard)
 Rim Diameter 12" - 22"
 Maximum Wheel Diameter 1,016 mm (880 mm with wheel guard)
 Balancing Mode Dynamic, static, 5 ALU mode, ALU-2P/3P
 Data Entry 1D SAPE
 Maximum Wheel Weight 65 kg
 Power Supply 220 - 240V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz
 Centering Cones Diameter Range 3 Cones, 48-128 mm
 Wheel Guard Optional

Kami jual mesin balancing harga murah dengan kualitas yang unggul. Kami juga jual wheel balancing berbagai model dan spesifikasi sesuai kebutuhan Anda.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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